Media intelligence company Telum caught up with leading industry experts on a video call, for a roundtable chat about communicating during the COVID-19 crisis.

Joining our Chief Executive Officer, Renée Bertuch, were Carden Calder, from BlueChip Communication, and Peter Brookes, from Citadel-MAGNUS.

Each of the panellists provided examples of how our businesses are handling the pandemic, and offered practical solutions for communicating with staff, stakeholders, and media when there is more noise than ever.

Renée provides insight into how Cannings is going that extra mile for clients during these unprecedented times by “bringing them news intelligence insights every day”. She speaks about how the fundamentals of communications remain the same, but during this crisis in particular, “people need to sit with uncertainty for longer.”

The three key considerations during the coronavirus crisis are:

  1. Certainty – we often look to provide as much certainty as practicable in a crisis. This crisis is different in that we have no precedent – and the situation is changing almost daily that we need to all sit in the uncertainty for longer.
  2. Timing – this is always critical in a crisis, but this pandemic has a longer-than-usual time horizon. We don’t know how long, in fact, so, we need communication to pace appropriately along with it. We need to find the line between keeping stakeholder groups informed with the right information at the right time, and audiences getting exhausted by too much information.
  3. Targeting – with so much information out there, you want to focus on what matters to each stakeholder group, keeping information clear and concise and how to best reach each group. It means using more communications channels to maximise your ability to be personal and make your messages more compelling. Weekly live chats with leaders, short video content, infographics, Q&A sessions – are all good ways we can keep people engaged with business at hand.

You can watch the Telum session here:

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