Luis M. Garcia

After 21 years as a senior director, Luis retired as Chief Executive Officer of Cannings in August 2023. He returned to Cannings in 2024 in a part-time advisory capacity. As our Senior Corporate Counsel, he provides top-level strategic communications advice and support across clients and teams, especially on major reputational issues.

Over the past two decades, his clients have included major multinational corporations, top 100 listed companies, not-for-profit groups, and public sector organisations. He is also an experienced media coach, having worked with hundreds of senior executives and Board directors over the past decade.

Prior to his time with Cannings, Luis worked for The Australian Financial Review and was a senior editor and columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald. He is a former political adviser, having been Chief of Staff to the Minister for Employment and Training, and a former Chief of Staff to the State Leader of the Opposition.

Luis is the author of two books, including the critically acclaimed Child of the Revolution. He has been a regular radio panellist and contributes to major media outlets.